iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X will Launched, Know its Specifications & Features

iPhone 8

Apple launched the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus with its 10th anniversary iPhone X at its event in California. It has been significantly improved compared to the older iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. In the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, there is a new design with glass in front and back. Customers can pre-order it in select countries from September 15 and will be made available on September 22.

The iPhone 8's 64GB variant will cost Rs 64,400 in India. While the price of its 256GB variant is Rs 77,000. The iPhone 8 Plus's 64GB variant will be priced at Rs 73,000 while it’s 256GB variant will cost Rs 86,000. In India, the iPhone X will launch on November 3 and its initial price will be Rs 89,000. These two iPhones will be launched in India on August 29.

These smartphones have been launched in 64GB and 256GB storage variants. The 64GB iPhone 8 has been priced at $ 699 and the 64GB iPhone 8 Plus is priced at $ 799. These iPhones are likely to be launched in India on September 29.

These new smartphones have the latest Apple A11 Bionic Six-Core Chipset, New Camera, Louder Stereo Speaker and Dualable Glass. It has a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display like the iPhone 7-7 Plus. Users will still be given 3D touch in them The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are offered in Silver, Space Gray and a new Gold Color Option.

iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8 Plus

The 12MP camera with f / 1.8 aperture in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus rear has been given, as well as a dual camera setup in iphone 8 Plus, hence the second 12MP telephoto camera with f / 2.8 aperture in its rear has gone. Here are the best features for video recording.

These cameras have been given for 12MP but according to Apple's claim, new sensors have been given behind glass with improvised ISPs. The A11 Bionic chipset will specifically make low light focus. The telephoto camera offered in the iPhone 8 Plus is presented with a special portrait lighting feature.

Like every time Apple has also given a new chipset in its iPhone lineup this time too. Apple has given the six core A11 bionic chipset with Apple's designed GPU for the first time, moving ahead from the Quad Core A10 Fusion. Glass backs of these smartphones support Qi wireless charging. Both fingerprint scanners are provided in the home button in the iPhone.

On the iPhone's 10th Anniversary, Apple launched the iPhone X. In this special event, Apple has also launched the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But more attention has been on people's iPhone X. This smartphone is quite new and certainly will not disappoint Apple fans.

Talking about specialty, it has been given an edge to edge display that means less bezels are given. Apart from this, the Home button has not been given in it. Apple has given face ID for facial recognition in it. That means you will unlock it by identifying it.

Talking about design, the iPhone X's front and back glass design has been given. Along with this, it is made of surgical grade stainless steel on its side.

The iPhone X is a water resistor and it will be available in two color variants of space gray and silver. Pixel density is more than any previous iPhone. The company has installed the O-LED display for the first time as expected. Its screen is 5.8 inches and its resolution is 2436X1125.

iPhone X
iPhone X

Home button has been eliminated. Now this phone can swipe upward and use it as a home button. Touch ID was given on the first home button, but now it is neither the Home button nor the Touch ID. Rather Touch ID has been replaced by Face ID. Seeing the face will unlock it. The camera has a specially designed IR system that gets unlocked by identifying you even in the dark through a beam on the face. The company has installed a dual core custom chipset for this, which works to identify the face.

According to Apple, Face ID is more secure than Touch ID. The company claims that one million can fail it only once. This is also a chaos that is not sure. Even if there are twins, it cannot even open from someone else's face. New face authentication is available which will support Apple Pay.

Talking about photography, dual camera setup has been done in the iPhone X. Both lenses are of 12 megapixes and have been given optical image stabilization. Both lenses are faster than the previous generation. The main camera's aperture is f / 1.8, whereas the telephoto lens has an aperture of f / 2.4. The middle dual tone LED has been given between the two cameras. It has a 4K video recording option for videography.

A11 chipset is given in the iPhone X. It has two performance corps, four high-efficiency chairs and the first Apple's own GP. There is also a wireless charging feature with the iPhone X which the company named AirPower. However this AirPower charging pad will start getting from next year.

Talking about connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 has been there.

The initial price of the iPhone X is $ 999. It will get 64GB variants. The second variant is 256GB, which is worth $ 1,149. According to the company, pre-orders for this will start from October 27 and its sale will commence on November 3.

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