Sweam Launched Pocket Projector That can be Connect with Smartphone, Know Specifications

To improve the user experience, Swedish tech startup company Sweam has created a Pocket Projector. The video can be viewed on the wall by connecting this projector to the smartphone. It costs 600 US Dollars, which is around 38,730 rupees. It will be made available for sale by March 2018. For Indian users, there is a Portronics Progenie projector in the market, which costs 29,999 rupees.

Sweam Pocket Projector

Know About Pocket Projectors:

It has a 4.1 inch touch screen display which will support 358 ppi. Its pixel resolution is 1280 × 720. It will support Android 7.1 Nougat. Users in this projector will be able to download their favorite apps from the Play Store. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory. Its memory can be expanded through the microSD card. Let us tell you that this Pocket projector has been created by American technology company Texas Instruments. It has a DLP module which supports 60-100 luminance.


The 4G Nano SIM slot has been given in this projector. The internet can be used by inserting SIM in it. Apart from this, Wi-Fi access has also been provided. For better sound quality, it has 2 W speaker. At the same time, via Bluetooth 4.1, it can also be connected with wireless speakers. To give it power, a 7000 mAh battery is provided, which is capable of backing a 3-hour battery upon full charge.

Portronics Progenie Projector

Know about the Portronics Progenie Projector:

Features of Portronics Progenie:

Its screen is 80 inches, whose pixel resolution is 854x480. On the screen there will be better experience viewing multimedia content from different sources. This projector supports photos of all sizes, audio and video files. Also multi-function controls the remote, which is placed on the panel button, so that users will be able to easily give the presentation and watch the movie. Not only this, users can also use play, pause, stop, fast-forward, reverse, zoom and freeze, mute, change volumes. It works on 110-240V 50/60 Hz AC power. In this, the in-built cooling fan has been given to keep the temperature in control.

It can also be charged from the port of the device with a 5 volt device such as Android, IOS and Windows smartphone or camera. Its price is Rs. 29,999. It can be bought from both online and offline stores.

Portronics Progenie Projector

Use of Progenie:

For workshop: If you work in sales or marketing, then you can easily take Progenie with a laptop. You can easily give a presentation with the help of your smartphone, laptop or pan-drive.

For gaming: If you are fond of playing games, you will have a different experience playing the PS3, PS4, X-Box on its 80-inch screen. Connect the games to the projector's HDMI port.

If you are watching the video using a USB stick or Micro SD or laptop using Progenie, then you can get a great sound experience on your home-theater or sound system with the help of OX-Out.

Check Out Portronics Progenie Projector at:-  

Projector Projector Projector Projector Projector Projector

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