Tech Guide: Important Tips to Buying Air Purifiers

For the past few days, the whole of India is helpless to the Smog. Pollution in India has now come to the alarming level. The Delhi-NCR condition, in particular, does not seem to be lower than any gas chamber. As always, this problem increases in winter. At such times most people are planning to take air purifiers.

What is the expert say?

Tech Guru said in the matter that "the trend of air purifiers has started from China. This is because the problem of more pollution than India is in China. There is also the threat of the air purifiers market. Now this trend is slowly entering India. Air Purifier is required according to its range. With this, if such an AC is taken in place of the air purifier, then it would be better to clean the air. In the regions where there is no cold, two gadgets will be completed from one gadget and thus value for money will be proved to consumers. "

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If you are going to take air purifiers in the market to save yourself and your family's health, then take care of these things:

High Range High Advantage

First of all focus on the size of the room. There is a range of air purifiers. According to the size of the room, it will be wise to get a air purifier by joining its range. The purifiers are available in the compact heavy range of the market.

How is the filter?

Take care also about the type of filter used in the air purifiers. The filter used in the air purifier should have the ability to filter polan, dust, smoke and harmful polyutinals.

Air Change Rate

From the Air Change Rate, it is known that the air purifier has cleaned the room air in an hour. This means that if a air purifiers claim 5ACH (air-changing rate) then it will clear the air every 12 minutes. If someone in your family has asthma then you should take a purifier of 5 to 6 CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) rating. This means that the air purifiers will clean the air soon.

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Activated Carbon Layer

Buy air purifiers that come with activated carbon layer. This layer filters all the harmful gas and chemicals present in the air. The larger the carbon filter, the more chemical gas it will be able to filter. Simultaneously avoid using purified technologies like UV filtration. It can cause respiratory problems.

Portability, Knives and Weight

It is very important to keep portability and weight in mind when taking the air purifiers. Small air purifiers can have the ability to clean the air of large rooms. At the same time, the big air purifiers will be expensive and will take more space in the room. With this, also check whether low noise comes in the air purifiers. All air purifiers have fans. In this way, the voice will all do so. Just keep in mind that which air purifiers will sound low.

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