Tech Guide: Important Tips to Buying SD Card

Recently all the phones being launched are coming in the market with more internal memory. In this case, the phone does not need a microSD card separately. But some people keep more data in their phones such as high-end games, movies, and documents. In addition, things like photos, videos are also present in the phone. To save them in the phone, you have to expand the memory of the phone and can only increase through the MicroSD card. In This article, we are going to tell important things that should care while buying SD card.

SD Card

Can be used in more than one device:

MicroSD card is used not only in smartphones but also in high-powered cameras. Along with that there are many other gadgets like Speaker, TV, Laptop, which require MicroSD card. Cheap laptops sold in the market, with low storage available, you can increase their memory with the help of an SD card.

Every SD card has different features:

Although all the companies' SD cards look the same, but all the cards have different features. Some memory cards transfer data at a much higher speed, while the speed of some is quite slow. Some SD cards come with more space and some have lower storage capacity.

SD Card

There are several types of SD cards:

Most users search for high speed SD cards, but for the users it becomes difficult to identify them. Let us know that the memory card has 4 types of speed class like 2, 4, 6 and 10.

Class 2: can be used in Standard video recording.

Class 4 & 6: Better for High Definition Video

Class 10: This is better for fastest video and full HD video recording.

SD Card

Memory card capacities also vary:

Most of the SD card storage capacities are different. Along with increasing storage capacity, their types also change.

1-SD Card:

Storage Capacity: 1 MB

2-SDHC Card:

Storage Capacity: 4GB to 32GB

3 - SDXC Card:

Storage Capacity: 32GB to 2 TB 

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