Tech Guide: These Thing Should Care While Buying TV

There are several types of TVs available in the market, including Smart TV, LED, OLED, 4K, HDR. All of them have their own specialty, which makes them the choice of users. So if you are thinking of buying a new TV for the house then before that you need to know some essential things. In our news, we will tell you what things should be taken care of before purchasing a TV.


Screen Size

Before purchasing a TV, keep in mind that what size television is needed in your home. While buying a TV, its size of screen size, TV size matters a lot, but it may be that your choice and size of your house are opposite to each other. That is, the TV should take the same size that can fit in your drawing room or bedroom. Apart from this, the size of the TV also depends on how many people are in your house. If there are more people in your house then you should take a large size TV which can fit your seating area.

Screen Resolution

With the screen size of TV, its screen resolution also matters. The resolution of the TV's image depends on its resolution. These days TVs come with many resolutions, which include 720p, 1080p or full HD. Some TV manufacturers are such that companies are rapidly turning HDTVs into Ultra HD sets.


Refresh Rate

Your TV's refresh rate screen depends on the refresh rate per second. It is measured in Hz, so the list of your TV box may be in 60 Hz, 120 Hz or 144 Hz. Let you know that High Refresh rates always make smoother flow between TV image and reduce motion blur.

HDMI ports

Whenever you buy a new TV, keep in mind that it has more HDMI ports. That's because when you set up the soundbar, chromecast or Roku in the TV, it will be used soon. Your TV should have at least 3 ports.



Most speakers coming in the present time do not have good speakers. In this case, the better option is to buy different speakers with the TV, which will come with better sound quality and give you a better experience.

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