Tech Guide: Tips to Buy Power Banks for Mobile

With the changing times, the functions and design of phones have also changed quite rapidly. The first was the trend of feature phones, whose battery would last for up to three days after charging. Right now, there is a tour of smartphones whose batteries do not work well for one day. Now it is not possible to carry the charger everywhere. In this way, the users have started using the power bank. A Survey says that every third person today uses the power bank. When buying a power bank, the users pay maximum attention to their battery capacity. But there are many things besides which it is better to pay attention.

Power Bank

Please give attention to the needs of smartphones:

Power bank is used only when you are traveling somewhere. In many places there is no facility to charge the phone or any other device. In such a case, if you have a device then take a low power power bank and if you have more than one device then buy a higher power power bank.

How to measure battery capacity:

Whenever you take a Power Bank, focus on how many mAh batteries it has. mAh means ampere hour. Tech Expert believes that users should always buy Power Bank 2.5 times the capacity of their smartphone's battery capacity. There will be better output than this.

Power Bank

Pay attention to the output voltage:

Keep in mind that the output voltage of your powerbank should always be equal to the output voltage of your phone charger. If it does not happen then your phone will not be charged. At the same time, you will not be able to charge the power bank with your charger.

USB charging:

Whenever you buy Power Bank, pay attention to its USB charging. There are many older power banks that work from their own cables. Such a power bank will not be of any use to your phone.

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