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Symphony Window 41 Window Air Cooler(40 Litres)

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Key feature

  • 40 Litres Tank Capacity
  • Mode of Air Circulation - Fan
  • 3000 cubic mtr Air Delivery
  • 110 W Cooling Power Consumption
  • 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Cooling Pad Type - Aspen
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Specifications of Mobile

General Features
Model Window 41
Type Window
Number of Speeds 3
Blower/Fan Fan
Water Tank Capacity 40L
Cooling Media Aspen
Performance Features
Cooling Coverage Area 300 sq. ft.
Air Delivery 3000 cubic mtr
Body/Design Features
Auto Louver Movement YES
Power Features
Power Requirement 230 V, 50 Hz
Power Consumption Cooling 110 W
Width x Height x Dimension 52 cm x 71.4 cm x 44.6 cm
Weight 8.5 kg
Blower/Fan Diameter 35.5 cm
Warranty 1 Year Symphony Warranty
Additional/Convenience Features
Technology Used Dura-pump Technology
Designed For Office,Small Bedroom,Children Room
Others Child Safe, Shockproof, Aesthetic Design, Works on Inverter, Rustproof, Large Pad Area for Superior Cooling, Cooling Area 85 cu. mt., All Weather Composite Plastic, Lightweight, Powerful Air Throw with Auto Swing

If you are looking for an air cooler with a simple usability, contemporary design and efficient functionality the Symphony Window 41 air cooler is what you’ve been waiting for. This air cooling unit comes in a hassle free, wall mountable design. Its enhanced cooling functions include a three speed blower fan with a 14 inch diametre, an air throw range of 10 metres and a decent water tank capacity of 40 litres. This is also a safe and convenient machine to have as it is shock proof, rust proof, light weight and child safe. It also comes with a float valve and louver movement capabilities. This is an attractive machine made of weather-proof composite plastic which will go well with contemporary interior design.




Cooling Capacity

The Symphony Window 41 air cooler will guarantee you many hours of cool, fresh and hygienic air with its impressive water tank capacity of 40 litres. Its air throw distance is 10 metres and can cover an area of 85 square metres of room space with its efficient, enhanced cooling functions. The air coolers motorized louver functions further enhance its cooling capacity.

Engineering Grade Plastic

This lightweight and attractive air cooler is made of weatherproof composite plastic ensuring its durability.

Speed Control

The Symphony Window 41 air cooler is buiilt with an industry-standard three speed temperature control setting for optimal cooling.

Mosquito/Dust Filter

The machine comes equipped with a mosquito net and dust filter which ensures a constant flow of fresh, hygienic air.

Cooling Media

The air cooler is fitted with aspen cooling technology which will ensure quick and efficient cooling for your rooms. The float valve mechanism which is unique to the Symphony Window 41 ensures that that machine’s cooling pads are constantly soaked by maintaining a constant water level. Of course with its 40 litre water tank this should not be a problem.

Automatic Louver Movement

The unit is built to accommodate automatic louver movement.

Powerful Air Throw

The Symphony Window 41 air cooler is built to efficiently and optimally cool mid-sized spaces. The machine has an air throw distance of 10 metres and is capable of cooling a space that is 85 square metres in size.

Other Important Features

The unit measures 520 x 446 x 714 mm in dimensions and weighs 8.1 kilograms. It comes in a white colour and consumes minimum power thus making it energy efficient and saving you money on electricity bills.

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