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Top 5 Android Smartphone with Powerful 5000mAh Battery

When buying a smartphone gives special attention to phone's battery. Hence today we are going to tell you about these smartphones, which has 5000 mAh powerful battery. This list includes only those smartphones which have been launched this year.

Oneplus announced huge price cut on ONEPLUS 2 Smartphone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer's flagship smartphone OnePlus has announced reduction in prices of OnePlus 2. That is $ 349 64GB variant of the device will get almost Rs 23,700.

Apple's Smartphone Sales Increased 30% in Last Trimester

Samsung, HTC, LG smartphone makers such as these could be bad news. Apple recently said that the first time such a large number of users who use Android has moved on Apple. The company says that in the last quarter, 30% of buyers of Apple's phone records have increased. It is due to those customers who have purchased an Apple phone left Android phone.

Recent Top 5 Android Smartphone

Android mobile phone era is difficult to choose the best Android phone. Today, in the era of mobile phone brands in the market all have a mobile phone. All have their merits. No 'sleek design' is famous for a very good battery backup so many features in common with prices to lure customers. But among all these Android phones at times even the phone's list of features that are not guaranteed to be better. Here the 'Best Android Phones' are told about are perfect in every case.

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